Bladen Baptist Association
Thursday, September 18, 2014

**Calendar of Events ---




Caraway Summer Camp Father/Son #2

Caraway Summer Camp Father/Son #3

Caraway Summer Camp for boys – Week 3

Caraway Summer Camp for boys – Week 4

4            Independence Day (Association Office Closed)

7-8        Associational Missionaries Conference - Caraway

10            Intentionally Evangelistic Church Strategy (Part 2),

             Cabarrus Association Office

11-12?   Bivocational Ministers Conference – Caraway

21-26     Deep Impact, Red Springs

22              Executive Committee meets, 7:30pm

               Location—White Oak Baptist Church

25          Pushing Back The Dark—E’town Middle School

30-Aug 2 Deep Impact, Red Springs Mini Week



15-16  Local Church Brotherhood (RA) Leadership Development, Shelby Mission Camp

19           Region 3 & 4 NC Missions Celebration



White Lake Campground Ministry Ends

NC Missions Offering Month, Dates TBA

1             Labor Day (Association Office Closed)

5-6          Local Church Brotherhood Leadership (men & boys)

              Development, Shelby Mission Camp

11         Intentionally Evangelistic Church Strategy Seminar

          (Part 3) Cabarrus Association Office

12-13     NC Baptist Men Board Meeting, Caraway

12-13     Lad/Crusader Camporee, Camp McNeill,

             White Oak, NC

16-18     Intentionally Evangelistic Church Strategy, Bladen County,  Center Road Baptist Church

19-20     WMU NC Executive Board Meeting

30-October 1     Board of Directors Meeting @ Caraway